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Liquid GoldNo forks allowedMomofuku Milk BarPhoto: Gabriele StabileChristina Tosi has a dirty little secret and she’s not afraid to share it: She loves underbaked cheesecake. “When I was writing the cookbook, I asked myself, ‘What am I going to do?’ Is liquid cheesecake too much for other people?” In the end, she followed the old adage: My kitchen, my rules. The recipe for liquid cheesecake, included in her newly released cookbook,Momofuku Milk Bar, is a dessert Tosi has made a variation of in every kitchen she has worked. So when she joined the Momofuku team in New York City, the recipe came naturally. At Milk Bar—as in the cookbook—the recipe is used in various applications (as a base for ice cream, a layer in a cake), but we happily follow Tosi’s advice and enjoy spoonfuls straight from the baking pan.

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