summer breakfasts: ruffled eggs and veggies

Everyone knows of my great love for Amanda Hesser’s brilliant ruffled eggs. I’ve also made converts out of Bill (you can make them in a rice cooker) and mama (you can stand there and give that Mama Look until your bunny makes them for you). 

But this doesn’t really detract from the morning war over breakfast Bill and I have.  I have to take two pills every morning that make me incredibly sick for awhile, so I have a yogurt, stomach it, and move forward, eating nothing until around lunchish.

Bill wants bacon, eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, and a diner delivered to his breakfast plate.

Huevos rancheros are an easy meet-in-the-middle place for us, (a) because his are baller and (b) because I’ll eat anything in taco form.  But sometimes you’re at a house without corn tortillas.  Sometimes not everything can be served in taco form.  Sometimes hell freezes over, the world comes crashing to an end, life loses its meaning, and you’re forced to make breakfast anyway.  For that day, you meet in the middle: ruffled eggs on top of an avocado and tomato salad with crumbled bacon.


If you haven’t tried making the ruffled egg yet, get on it.

And if you haven’t tried serving it to your hubbahubba, get on it.

And if you haven’t converted him yet or just think he’s extra special, get extra bacon.  Really, get on that.


above: my plate.

below: his.


"happy family"

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